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Samsung Smartwatches & Galaxy Wearables

Choose from our range of stunning Samsung smartwatches and great Galaxy wearables. The feature-packed new Samsung Galaxy Watch gives you the freedom of hands-free calling plus fitness tacking. Or if you’re into exercise, what about the Samsung Galaxy Active2? It’s a Galaxy smartwatch that’s just like having a personal trainer on your wrist! Explore more of our Smart Tech.

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Samsung Smartwatches & Galaxy Wearables FAQs

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How do I use Google Assistant on a Samsung watch?

We’ve got Samsung smartwatches and wearables for everyone. For sporty types, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active or Active2 are great choices. They do all the fitness and wellbeing tracking you’d expect, from analysing runs to sleep-monitoring. Meanwhile, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch features the very best of wearable technology. In addition to heart-rate monitoring and paying on-the-go, you can run loads of apps like Spotify and Map My Run. Looking for more choice? Browse our full range of Smart Watches.