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Get a Vodafone contract at the best price from Carphone Warehouse, and enjoy all of Vodafone’s inclusive offers and benefits - including ultrafast 5G.

Vodafone - Our Best Ever Network

Why Vodafone?

Award-winning 5G, regular perks, top-notch coverage and that's just the beginning.

Join Vodafone and get used to getting more on the UK's Best Network.

Get 5G at no extra cost

Enjoy superfast downloads, seamless streaming and flawless connection as standard on all 5G compatible devices.


Our best ever network

So you can keep connected to the things that matter.

Experience a world
without limits

Unlimited data, minutes and texts on our Unlimited plans let you do what you love for as long as you like, without WiFi tying you down.

Roam further
with Vodafone

Use your data, minutes and texts in 51 European destinations, add an extra 104 destinations at £6 a day with our Roam Further plan, or get our best coverage with Global Roaming Plus – 81 destinations included.

Love Entertainment?
Take your pick.

Choose a Vodafone plan with Entertainment and get Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium or Amazon Prime included for the length of your plan.

YouTube Premium | Amazon Prime | Spotify Premium

Rewards built around
what you love

Get used to weekly discounts and giveaways tailored to your interests with VeryMe Rewards, our loyalty programme that adapts to what you love.

Costa Coffee | Greggs | Thorntons | Vue Cinemas

Upgrade early

Upgrade at least 30 days before your contract ends to get your hands on the latest phones as soon as they're released. Use our Upgrade Checker to see when you’re eligible.

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Vodafone Spend Manager gives you more control of your out-of-bundle charges by limiting your out-of-plan spend.


If you’re a new or upgrading pay monthly customer, you’ll be able to apply a cap to your out-of-bundle usage. The cap can be set to ‘off’ or ‘on’. When it’s switched on, you can set the amount from £0-£100 in £10 increments.



UK data packs, international add-ons and other applicable international extras. However, you can’t call or text premium-rate numbers, use any inclusive entertainment service (NOW TV Entertainment Pass for those who chose this option prior to 31 October 2020 – however you can use Spotify Premium whilst roaming) or any other extras with Roam-free, unless we tell you otherwise.



With Vodafone Global Roaming, there’s no extra charge to use your UK allowances of data, minutes and texts in our Roam-free destinations. If you exceed your UK allowances, you’ll be charged our standard out-of-bundle rates for using data, making calls or sending texts. The same charges apply whether you’re in the UK or our Roam-free destinations.


Roam Further: Experience all the same benefits except across a further 105 countries for £6/day.


The Roam-further daily charge will be applied automatically to your bill when you use your phone or device within our Roam-further destinations. If you exceed your UK allowances, you’ll be charged our standard out-of-plan rates for using data, making calls or sending texts. The same charges apply whether you’re in the UK or our Roam-further destinations.


There’s no data cap in place automatically when you use devices in our Roam-further zone. As you’ll be using your UK data allowance, you’ll be notified by text when you’re getting close to your allowance, just as you would in the UK. You’ll be charged our standard UK out-of-bundle charges for any usage that exceeds this allowance. For further Vodafone T&C's click here. Visit for full terms.


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