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Getting started on VOXI is as simple as 1, 2, 3

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Important to note: When you register you will be asked for your card details. This is so that future monthly payments are seamlessly paid for.

Endless Social Media

'Endless' means unlimited use, so you can enjoy your favourite social apps without eating your data.


No more waiting to find Wi-Fi before watching your stories - you can snap, post, chat and swipe whenever you like without worrying about using up your data*

Endless Flexibility

Our flexibility monthly plans keep you in control so you're free to change, pause or cancel your plan anytime. Even if you buy a phone with us, this flexibility still applies and you're not tied into your VOXI plan.

Endless Calls & Texts

You get unlimited calls, texts & picture messages to UK numbers.

Endless Roaming

You can use your plan at no extra cost in 48 countries in our Europe Zone. Your calls, texts and data will work as normal - including your endless social media.


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